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Our Design

Comprehensive One-stop services

From inquiry to reporting, our hustle-free and one-stop service is so easy to do business with. To enjoy our quality Mystery Shopper Service, what you need to provide is only your company details, requirements, and expectations. Then we will do the rest for you.

Our programs are transparent and well organized; our clients have nothing to worry because we have operated M.S. programs sophisticated for years.

Customized design to fit your unique standard

We aim to provide effective and efficient service to our clients who seek for quick information about their organization or their competitors to meet a specific goal, therefore the result usually can be seen instantly. We also provide a professional and systematic service to our clients and uphold the highest standard of business ethnics in all aspects. In additional, all field works are conducted by our well trained staff. All shop evaluation forms and guidelines are customized to fit your exact needs, modifications can also be handled quickly and easily to meet your objectives.

Quality Control Mechanism

Verification: Our managers will constantly review all completed evaluation forms submitted by the shoppers to ensure the reliability of the reports. Shoppers will be contacted for further clarification on details wherever necessary.

Insistency: We insist in SUPERIOR MORALITY, SOLID QUALITY CONTROL, and CONSTANTLY SELF-CRITICISM. We always make 100% guarantee to meet our client's timetables and specifications