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International Service Access Limited (ISA) who provides the Mystery Shopper Program since 2002. ISA is a full service agency company that was originally founded in 2001.

ISA specializes in Staff Secondment & Recruitment, Sales promoter, outsourcing projects, SME Business Consultant, Telephone Survey & Focus Group Marketing programs & promotion.

ISA launched Mystery Shopper Program (MSP) in 2002, since then we have conducted over 100,000 retail outlet assessments and received positive feedbacks from our clients. Currently, annually visit around 80,000 times

International Service Access Limited (ISA) is the 1st MEMBER of MSPA in Hong Kong. As a well-established professional MS provider in the industry with the market driven demand, we has been widely broadcasted recently by mass media including TV, magazines and newspapers. We comprehend and provide one-stop-shop analysis report on retail operation and management to our clients. From planning, implementing, we are confident to deliver the hustle-free customer-oriented service to our clients.